by Thorinair

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Reflection is about Rarity's train of thought after hurting her friends. While standing in the rainy, cold Manehattan at night, she is reflecting on the past events and thinking of ways to make the situation better.

This track was made... spontaneously. I was making a score for a 3D Blender animation project for college which wasn't supposed to be related to ponies, but half way through making it, I forgot what I was working on and went forth to put all my emotions in to it. As I was doing so, I slowly started remembering the episode Rarity Takes Manehattan. So, instead of scrapping it, I decided to keep this theme instead.


released February 15, 2014
Mastering by: HMage (
Cover Art by: AssasinMonkey (




Thorinair Croatia

Making pony trance and orchestral music!

This bandcamp page is mostly for donation-downloads, meaning that all of the tracks can also be downloaded for free from mediafire, while, when buying them here, you actually donate to me!

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